Water Treatment

Water is a vital global resource, and activated carbon is widely used in many processes and industries where water needs to be purified.

Perhaps the best known application for activated carbon is the purification of drinking water. Indeed, in most developed countries, almost all municipal drinking water is filtered through activated carbon, as part of a multi-step purification process.

Applications for activated carbon in water purification include the following:
– Municipal drinking water treatment
– Point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) filters
– Industrial process water, e.g. breweries, food, power plants, chemicals production,…
– Groundwater and soil remediation
– Industrial wastewater
– Municipal wastewater
– Landfill leachate
– Aquarium filters
– Swimming pool filtration

Depending on the exact application, activated carbons remove a wide range of unwanted chemicals and pollutants, including:
– Colour, taste and odour compounds in drinking water, such as Geosmin and MIB (2–Methylisoborneol)
– Dechlorination in POU filters, process water applications, swimming pools and aquaria filters
– Trace contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs) from municipal water streams.
– Various organic pollutants, such as the BTEX group, PFOS/PFOA/PFAS and hydrocarbons, from groundwater in remediation projects, or from leachates.

CPL Activated Carbons supplies a wide range of product and services for the treatment of water. Powdered activated carbons (PAC) are used in batch treatment processes, whereas granular (GAC) grades are generally used in fixed filter beds, with the water passing through the filtration medium.

The advantage of using GAC for water treatment is that the spent carbon can normally be regenerated via thermal reactivation. CPL Activated Carbons has separate facilities dedicated to the reactivation of spent carbons from food/potable and industrial/environmental applications.

– Coal-based GAC products – virgin and reactivated – for drinking water treatment, including Filtracarb® CC60 12×40
– PAC products for seasonal spikes or trace contaminant removal, including Filtracarb® WP9 and SK1, which has proved effective for metaldehyde removal
– Coconut-based GAC for dechlorination applications
– Regenerated coal-based GAC for wastewater and remediation projects. Sand can also be supplied for remediation customers, when combined with GAC.
– In addition to virgin and reactivated carbon products, we also supply a range of anthracite filtration media under our Filtracite® brand name


– Spent carbon reactivation at our UK facility. Separate facilities for drinking water and industrial grade applications.
– Mobile carbon filters, ranging in size from 180 litre drums to large 22m3 vessels – DWI-approved potable versions available.
– Site Services, including carbon/filter installation and spent carbon removal/changeout.

Additional Products – Spain/Portugal:
In addition to our regular activated carbon products, our Spanish office CPL Iberia (formerly CPL Galaquim) can also supply a range of other water treatment chemicals into the Iberian market:
– FiltraFloc® flocculants
– FiltraCo® coagulants
– FiltrOxi oxidants
– FiltraQuim® pH regulators and assorted chemicals

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