Site Services

Here at CPL Activated Carbons, we want you to get the best possible performance and value out of your carbon filtration equipment. As such, we have an experienced Site Services Team that can assist, advise, supervise or actually complete a wide range of activities associated with the installation of our carbons and mobile filters, as well as the subsequent removal of spent filtration media.

We have access to whatever equipment or personnel is required for a particular job, including vacuum tankers – for delivery and removal of carbon – lifting equipment, scaffolding etc.

Our Site Services Team will always have the appropriate PPE equipment, including breathing apparatus if required, and will follow the strictest health & safety rules and regulations, together with the agreed RAMS (risk assessment and method statement) to ensure a seamless safe and efficient transfer of carbons and/or filters.

As a major reactivator of spent activated carbon, we have a keen interest in talking to carbon users who have stocks of spent material,

and our Site Services Team can assist in the removal of this material from customers’ sites. In the unusual situation that the spent carbon cannot be reactivated, we can arrange for safe disposal of the hazardous waste via specialised, licensed partners.

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