Mobile Carbon Filters

CPL Activated Carbons has a large and expanding fleet of Clean-Flo® mobile carbon filter vessels/adsorbers, which can be supplied to customers at short notice, on a rental/service basis.

The vessels are pre-filled with our high quality Filtracarb® granular or extruded activated carbons, and delivered to customer sites ready for connection to existing pipework.

The supply of your activated carbon filtration media in this way offers several operational and commercial advantages, compared with the supply of ‘loose’ carbon for fixed filter vessels:

– No on-site carbon handling
– Simple ‘plug & play’ operation
– Avoids capital expenditure on fixed filter systems
– Can provide a temporary filtration solution for periods of peak demand, for process trials, or during maintenance of existing filter installations

When the carbon is spent, or the treatment objective is no longer being achieved, the mobile filter vessel can simply be exchanged with a replacement vessel. The spent carbon is returned to one of our Services Centres, where it is either sent for regeneration (recycling via thermal reactivation) or disposal.

CPL Activated Carbons supplies its Clean-Flo® family of mobile filtration solutions under two main sub groups:

– AquaSorber® vessels for liquid phase purification applications – typical applications include drinking water treatment, process water, beverage purification, wastewater and remediation projects (vessels containing sand can be supplied for this application, in combination with GAC)
– VOCSorber® vessels for gas phase applications – typical applications include biogas purification, odour control and VOC abatement

Various sizes of vessel are available in both liquid and gas phase mobile filters. The choice of filter depends on your flow rate, contaminant level and treatment objective. Our team of technical experts will help you select the optimum and most cost-effective solution for your process requirements:

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Clean-Flo® AT1

Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 0.18
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 250
Typical Application – small-scale odour control/VOC abatement
2m3 VOCSorber

Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 2
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 1,500
Typical Application – Biogas Purification, VOC and Odour Control
5m3 VOCSorber
Clear-Flo 5m3 VOCSorber - CPL A-C
Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 5
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 2,000
Typical Application – Biogas Purification, VOCs and Odour Control
30m3 VOCSorber

Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 20
Maximum Recommended Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 5,000
Typical Application – Biomethane & Landfill Biogas (LFG) Purification
HF1.9 VOCSorber

Gas phase (high flow)
Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 1.9
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 6,000
Typical Application – Odour Control
HF3.8 VOCSorber

Gas Phase (High Flow Applications)
Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 3.8
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 7,000
Typical Application – Odour & VOC Control
HF16 VOCSorber
HF16 VOCSorber
Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 16
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 32,000
Typical Application – Odour Control & VOC Abatement
HF24 VOCSorber

Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 24
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 45,000
Typical Application – Odour Control & VOC Abatement
Clean-Flo® HY1

Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 0.18
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 1.1
Typical Application – small-scale wastewater treatment
2m3 AquaSorber

Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 2
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 12
Typical Application – Groundwater Remediation and Industrial Wastewater
5m3 AquaSorber

Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 5
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 20
Typical Application – Groundwater Remediation and Industrial Wastewater
22-60 AquaSorber

Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 22 (GAC or sand)
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 60
Typical Application – Groundwater Remediation and Industrial Wastewater
22-100 AquaSorber

22m3 Clean-Flo AquaSorber - CPL Activated Carbons

Typical Carbon Volume (m3) – 22 (carbon or sand)
Maximum Flow Rate (m3/hr) – 100
Typical Application – Water Treatment; Potable Version Available
In addition to the standard range of VOCSorber® gas-phase filters, we can also supply specially designed ‘high flow’ annular variants. These are typically of 1.9m3 (HF1.9) or 3.8m3 (HF3.8) volume and can be supplied on a rental or sales basis. We also have larger versions available, namely the HF16 and HF24 units.

The 2m3 and 5m3 Clean-Flo® vessels are generally delivered to a customer site on a flatbed truck and manipulation can easily be achieved either via forklift truck, or via the delivery truck’s HIAB-type crane unit (if specified in advance).

The larger 22m3 and 30m3 units have their own dedicated tipping trailer, as shown in the image above  (see 22-60 unit) and on our Home Page.

Our experienced Site Services team is available to assist with all aspects of carbon filter installation and changeout.

As an optional service, we can arrange for take-back and disposal of the single-use AT1/HY1 drums.

In addition to the supply of mobile carbon filters, CPL Activated Carbons can also assist customers with the design and build of fixed filter installations, including pipework and other peripherals, thanks to our extensive engineering capability and our subsidiary CPL Icon.


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