Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industries

In the production and processing of chemicals and pharmaceutical compounds, whether bulk commodities, specialist fine chemicals or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), filtration using activated carbon frequently plays an important role.
From the purification of raw materials, dechlorination of process water or the filtration intermediate or finished products, activated carbons are widely used in this sector for the production of these products.In addition, environmental protection associated with the manufacture of chemical and pharmaceutical products is an important application for carbon filtration, whether for the abatement of gas phase contaminants, or for wastewater/effluent treatment.

The use of expensive solvents in a production process may require the use of specialised activated carbons for solvent recovery purposes, as well as the adsorption of any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that may be released by the process.

Some specific examples of carbon applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are shown below:
– Amine purification
– Chemicals purification
– Glycerine purification
– Pharmaceuticals purification
– Medical applications (carbon tablets)
– Veterinary applications
– Solvent recovery
– Catalyst applications
– VOC abatement
– Odour control systems
– Process water treatment
– Wastewater treatment
– Personal protection respirators

CPL Activated Carbons has extensive experience of supplying our broad range of products and services into the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sectors:- Carbons – powder (PAC), granular (GAC) and extruded/pellet forms, dependent on the application
– A range of Clean-Flo® mobile carbon filters, both liquid phase (AquaSorber®) and gas phase (VOCSorber®)
– Spent carbon reactivation (GAC and pellets only)
– Site services (installation, changeout, disposal) and engineering support


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