Air & Gas Purification

Activated carbons are used extensively in the gas phase for the removal of a variety of unwanted contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and odour-causing molecules.  In the UK, the Government’s 2019 Clean Air Strategy will focus a great deal of attention on this issue, and CPL Activated Carbons stands ready to assist in the supply of air purification solutions.

VOCs, typically from industrial processes such as chemical/pharmaceutical production, petrochemical tank venting, spray booths and soil remediation projects, include compounds such as acetone, benzene, styrene, toluene and xylene.

Odour control systems make use of impregnated activated carbons to remove compounds such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), mercaptans, DMS and ammonia (NH3).

Industrial gas streams may require the removal of trace levels of various contaminants such as VOCs or, in the case of natural gas, heavy metals like mercury and cadmium.

In the oil and gas industry, specialised activated carbons are used as catalyst supports for mercaptan oxidation in the so-called Merox process. Mercaptans are removed from hydrocarbon streams by converting them to liquid disulfides.

For personal protection applications, such as respirators and escape hoods, carbons are used to remove a range of harmful or poisonous gaseous compounds.

Activated carbons can also be used in cigarette filters for the removal of some of the smoke’s constituents, in order to improve the taste experience.

CPL Activated Carbons supplies a broad range of products and services for air and gas purification, to suit the customer’s specific process treatment requirements.

– Coal-based GAC and pellets for standard VOC abatement, e.g Filtracarb® EX64 and Filtracarb® CX64
– Regenerated pellets, such as our Filtracarb® EXR4 manufactured at our site in the UK, are an increasingly popular alternative to virgin coal-based pellets, offering a considerable reduction in cost and carbon footprint.
– For lower molecular weight or polar VOCs, coconut shell carbons tend to be the most effective filtration medium, such as Filtracarb® FY5. These carbons are also used in cigarette filters.
– For the removal of ketones and acetates, a high purity acid-washed coconut carbon, such as Filtracarb® AY5 or AX0, is required to reduce the risk of an exothermic reaction.
– For the removal of mercury or cadmium from natural gas streams, we offer an impregnated extruded carbon, Filtracarb® EX64S.
– For the Merox process, a specific grade of 10×30 mesh wood-based carbon is proposed.
– Specialised impregnated carbons, such as Filtracarb® SA78, are offered for odour management, for the removal of formaldehyde and for various respirator/personal protection applications.


– Broad range of Clean-Flo® VOCSorber® mobile carbon filters, ranging from 180 litre AT1 drums, through 2m3 and 5m3 mobile units, up to our flagship 30m3 truck-based system, delivered on a dedicated tipping trailer.
– Site Services, including carbon/filter installation and spent carbon removal/changeout.
– Reactivation of spent carbons at our UK ‘amber’ regeneration facility.

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