CPL Activated Carbons - latest Covid-19 status update

Covid-19 Situation

16 March, 2020

Our response to Covid-19 is developing in line with UK Government and NHS advice. The following steps have already been taken throughout our business:

  • We are encouraging all staff to maintain high levels of hygiene, including regular hand washing and the use of hand sanitisers;
  • Previously, any member of staff exhibiting symptoms was requested to go home and self-isolate;
  • Now, most staff members are working from home, with full access to email and telephone communications.

We have put in place several contingencies to help with security of supply.  Some of these were already in place thanks to Brexit preparations:

  • We have additional buffer stock available in case of a pause in the supply chain or production delays;
  • We have several back-up production facilities and the ability to source virgin raw materials from multiple alternative sources;
  • We have significant capacity for reactivating spent carbons at our site in Immingham, which allows us considerable flexibility in terms of scheduling and planning;
  • Conferences, trade shows, or any other business events that may have had a large gathering of people, have been cancelled or postponed;
  • International travel has been suspended.

Activated carbon is not a source of Covid-19 and it is highly unlikely anyone would catch the virus by handling activated carbon products.

The biggest risk to our business is having several staff members off work at any one time.  Most job roles within the business have more than one employee capable of filling in, so we are confident there would be minimal disruption to our carbon supply, vessel rental and reactivation services.

Update 23rd March 2020 – Critical Industries:

The UK Government has identified key sectors including Utilities (water, gas, electricity), Food Production, Chemicals and the Recycling & Waste Treatment industries as ‘Critical Sectors‘, meaning that they can continue to operate normally during the Covid-19 pandemic, with their employees able to commute/travel.  As a supplier of vital purification products and services to all of these Critical Sectors, we anticipate that we will also be considered as being part this grouping, allowing us to continue operations for the foreseeable future.

Letters have been sent to all employees and key suppliers/sub-contractors sharing our ‘Critical Industries’ status, allowing them to continue to perform their duties.


This is a dynamic, developing situation and we will update this posting when new information becomes available.


For further information please contact us or call +44 (0)1942 824 240