Filtracarb activated carbon - CPL

Carbon Supply Update

28 February, 2020

Around 50% of the virgin activated carbon used in Europe comes from China, so understandably we have received a number of enquiries from customers asking about any possible impact of the current Covid-19 coronavirus situation in China on our supplies of activated carbon.  In response to this, we can reassure our customers by pointing out that:

  • The regions of China from where we procure activated are not close to Wuhan/Hubei province, the area most affected by the Covid-19 outbreak;
  • We always hold significant stocks at multiple warehouse facilities across Europe;
  • We ordered additional stocks of Chinese carbon prior to our Christmas/New Year period and the Chinese New Year celebrations. These orders are now either in stock here in Europe, en route from China, or waiting to be dispatched from Chinese ports.  All shipments are according to the originally agreed schedule, with no reported delays;
  • Logistics services – road and port facilities – in the areas of China we source from, are all currently operating normally;
  • A large and increasing proportion of our sales involves reactivated carbon, recycled at our UK facility that is equipped with separate kilns for spent carbons from ‘green’ (potable) and ‘amber’ (industrial/environmental) waste streams;
  • Our fleet of mobile carbon filters, as well as the majority of our impregnated carbons, are also manufactured in the UK.

So, in summary, we foresee no changes or interruptions to the supply of our products and services to our valued customers, regardless of location or the choice of grades you procure from us.  If you have any further concerns or questions regarding the current situation, please do not hesitate to contact your regular CPL commercial contact.


For further information please contact us or call +44 (0)1942 824 240