EfW Flue Gas Treatment with Filtracarb FGT PAC

Flue Gas Treatment BREF

12 December, 2019

Last week, the EU published its updated Waste Incineration Best Available Technique Reference (BREF) document,

bringing it into force.  The WI BREF reinforces activated carbon’s position as the technology of choice for the removal of heavy metals (notably mercury) and organics (including dioxins and furans) from the flue gas streams of energy-from-waste facilities.  The newly updated document also mentions the use of activated carbon filtration for the removal of these contaminants from the liquid-phase emissions from these WtE facilities, if applicable.

The official publication of the BREF means that any new Waste Incineration plant applying for environmental permits, after the 3rd December 2019, will need to comply with the new revised Waste Incineration BATCs (Best Available Technique Conclusions). Those who have permits issued prior to 3rd December 2019 will now have four years from the publication date to comply with the revised WI BREF also.

CPL Activated Carbons is a leading supplier of powdered activated carbon (PAC) to the EfW industry, for flue gas treatment, with our Filtracarb® FGT® range being widely used by incinerators of municipal and biomass-based waste streams.  As waste-to-energy becomes an increasingly important technology for diverting non-recyclable waste away from landfills, this newly published BREF document highlights the stringent environmental protection measures that these facilities must adhere to, in order to operate in a safe and responsible manner.


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