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What are the adsorptive characteristics of activated carbon?

•    Surface area (BET N2) - Measurement, using nitrogen (N2), of the extent of the pore surface developed within the matrix of the activated carbon. Used as a primary indicator of the activity level, based on the principle that the greater the surface area, the higher the number of adsorptive sites available.

•    Pore size distribution - Determination of the pore size distribution of an activated carbon is an extremely useful way of understanding the performance characteristics of the material. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) defines the pore size distribution as:

Micropores: r < 1nm
Mesopores: 1 < r < 25nm
Macropores: r > 25nm

 •    The macropores are used as the entrance to the activated carbon, the mesopores for transportation, and the micropores for adsorption.


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