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Municipal Water Treatment (Granular Activated Carbon)

CPL Carbon Link provides a range of Granular Activated carbon (GAC) products for municipal water treatment, which comply with EN 12915. The key benefits of our products and serivces include optimum product selection, a flexible approach to adsorption, maximum volume activity and excellent thermal reactivation characteristics.

In a typical municipal water treatment plant, contaminated water is pumped into a flotation unit, which is used for the removal of suspended solids such as algae and particulate material. Dissolved air is injected under pressure into the unit through special nozzles. This creates microbubbles which become attached to the suspended solids, causing them to float. The result is a layer of suspended solids on the surface of the water, which is removed using a mechanical skimming technique. 

Ozone is produced on site by passing high tension, high frequency electrical discharges through air in specially designed equipment. Ozone is injected into the water to provide a powerful bactericidal action and to break down the natural humic compounds that are the cause of the taste and odour problem. 

The water then enters a rapid gravity filtration system filled with Filtracarb® activated carbon, which is used to adsorb any excess ozone, the compounds resulting from the ozone treatment, as well as other dissolved organic pollutants (typically taste and odour forming compunds). The Filtracarb® GAC is selected due to its high surface area and retentive pore structure, ideally suited to the removal of smaller molecules.

Following adsorption, the water is disinfected for supply to the distribution network. 

For short term water treatment requirements, for example during plant maintenance or a seasonal peak in contaminants (e.g. pesticides), CPL Carbon Link can supply their FIltracarb® granular carbons inone of our Clean-Flo® AquaSorber units.  These convenient mobile carbon filters offer a 'plug-and-play' concept that avoids the need for on-site carbon handling.  When the activated carbon in the filter is spent, the entire unit can be removed from site by one of our dedicated truck/trailer units, to be exchanged with a replacement vessel in the same visit, thereby minimising logisitcs.  The spent filter is returned via one of our service centres, after which the carbon can be regenerated at our thermal reactivation facility.   The latest addition to our range, a 22m3 vessel capable of holding 10 tonnes of Filtracarb® activated carbon, is shown below:

Clean-Flo AquaSorber L22 mobile carbon filter - CPL Carbon LinkCPL Carbon Link's Clean-Flo AquaSorber L22 mobile carbon filter

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